Reading Level

When Reading is Too Difficult

When a child is asked to read books that are too difficult, the child becomes frustrated and discouraged.  The child may misbehave out of frustration or may give up and become reluctant to try reading again.  Children, like everyone, need to feel successful.  The way to help children to feel successful in reading is to give them books to read that are at their reading level.

A child should read no more than 5-7% of the words in a book incorrectly.  To calculate a child’s reading accuracy, count the number of words in the book, keep track of the child’s reading errors, and then divide the number of reading errors by the total number of words and multiply by 100 (errors/total words x 100).  Reading a book at the appropriate level will help the child feel like he/she is doing well and thus build the child’s confidence.

One tip for using the Learn To Read Books app is to not allow the children to listen to the words before they attempt (guess) what the word is.  Often, they will be right, and it will be limiting to them to have all the words told to them before they even try.  If a child tends to press the button to hear the word before attempting it, you can simply turn off the iPhone sound or take the headphones away if you are using the iPod Touch.  In this way, the child will have to attempt the word and will rely on you for correction and assistance.

When a child scores 95% accuracy rate on a new book at a given level, it is time for that child to move up to the next level.

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