Free Learn To Read Book Printables

Free Level A Book Printable

I See Animals at the Zoo - Level 1 Book

Included on are these free Learn To Read book templates.  Posted here are two, free Level 1 book templates (Level A book templates) and two, free Level 2 book templates (level B book templates).  These free levelled book templates can be printed and used with students learning how to read.  The templates are formatted so that, in one printing, you get both of the books at a given level.  The files are available as MSWord and pdf downloads.  If you wish to edit the files before printing, choose the MSWord format.

How to Use Free Learn To Read Book Templates

  1. Print the free levelled book template.  For my printer, I print pages 1,3,5 of the levelled book template.  Then I put those sheets back into the tray, printed side up, with the top of the page to my left.  Then I print pages 2,4,6.  The result is that the book is printed double sided and the right-way-up.  Printers and photocopy machines can/do work differently so you will need to determine the optimal printing procedure for your specific device.
  2. Ideally, use a paper cutter to separate the two Learn to Read levelled books.  Scissors may also be used if no paper cutter is available.
  3. Assemble and staple Learn To Read printed books.  You will need a long stapler for this job.
  4. Explain to the student(s) the procedure for illustrating the printed levelled book.  You may want to ensure that students know what to draw for each page.  Students may make all illustrations by hand.  If the students draw the pictures, pencil crayons should be used.  Markers may leak through the paper, and wax crayons will stick/smear onto the opposing page when the book is closed.  Alternatively, stickers or stamps may be used to illustrate the Learn To Read book.  For the “I Paint a Rainbow” book, paints should be used.  Water color paints work better than thick Tempera-type paints.  Plan to make this book in two sessions.  One side of each page can be painted in one session and then left to dry.  In the second session have the students paint the second side of each page.  For the “I Paint a Rainbow” book, assembly/stapling  should be after the painting is finished and dry!
  5. Have students read the printed Learn To Read levelled book.  It is great if the student can read the book to more than one person.  At school, students could read the book to one another or to older/younger reading buddies.  They should also read the book to a parent when they take it home.  In a home setting, the child could read the book to mom and to dad and to several siblings/other relatives, if possible.  The more often the child reads the book, the more securely the appearance and the meaning of the words get connected in the child’s brain.
Free Printable Learn To Read Book Level 2

I Paint a Rainbow - Level 2 Book

Free Learn to Read Book printables are an excellent resource for teachers, tutors,homeschooling parents, parents who want to give their children a head start in reading, and parents who want to help their children catch up academically.  Children love the free, levelled book printables because they get to make the books by adding their own illustrations, and they get to keep their own books!  If you have enjoyed our free Learn To Read Book Templates, please see the Learn To Read Books we offer for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, available in the iTunes app store! 

Level 1 Learn to Read Book Template

Stars! - Level 1 Book

Free Printable Levelled Books Downloads:

Level 1 Books Printable MSWord

Level 1 Books Printable .pdf

Level 2 Books Printable MSWord

Level 2 Books Printable .pdf

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