Visions Encoded Inc. has developed our Learn To Read Books with the students in mind.  Each of our Learn To Read Books has been reviewed by at least two certified teachers and has been carefully categorized at the correct reading level.  We have taken care to focus on font size and word spacing as well as on content and visual appeal, which all contribute to the students’ enjoyment of the books and their success in reading.

Visions Encoded Inc.

Visions Encoded Inc. is a company specializing in website development, programming and e-learning.  We are a visionary team of professionals with a passion for excellence and demonstrated expertise.  For each and every one of our projects, we accelerate past the norm to provide our customers with unmatched quality and usability.  Our company is guided by Christian principles, with the intent to honour Jesus in all regards.  To learn more about us and to view some of our other projects see our Visions Encoded website.

Celesta Thiessen

Celesta Thiessen is the author and visionary behind Learn To Read Books.  She is a certified teacher and works full time with the Visions Encoded team.  Celesta is very excited about education and especially about reading!  You can find out more about Celesta and read other samples of her writing on celestathiessen.com.

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