Levelled books are one of the most important components in learning how to read.  After a child learns the sounds of the letters, levelled books are the next vital step on the road to reading.  It is important to provide a child with material that he or she can actually read.  When children are just beginning to read, they can read very few words, hence the need for levelled books.  Levelled books are organized according to ease of reading, beginning at Level 1 (Level A).  Books at Level 1 (Level A) are very simple, designed for children who are only just beginning to learn to read.

Unfortunately, levelled books are expensive, costing three to five dollars a book, even when they are on a very good sale, with the typical price being around six or seven dollars.  Worse still, many parents do not have easy access to these levelled books because they are usually marketed exclusively to schools and teachers.

Learn To Read Books iPhone App

We have solved this problem by bringing levelled books within the reach of everyone who has an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device.  Our Learn To Read Books cost only $1.99 (Tier 2 in the app store) each.

Children typically begin to learn to read between the ages of four and six.  Parents can support their children by practicing reading with them at home, using our levelled book apps.  Many children find learning to read challenging.  Parents may, therefore, want to practice reading with their child even during the summer, to help their child catch up academically.  Learn to Read Books levelled book apps are also ideal for homeschooling parents who do not have access to the levelled books in the public school system.

Other Reading Essentials

The precursor to levelled books is for children to learn the sounds of the letters.  If your child doesn’t know what sound each letter makes, we suggest you first purchase Z is for Zebra – Learn Letter Sounds.

It is also important that sight words are taught in conjunction with exposure to levelled books.  Our Learn To Read Books iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps contain the high frequency sight words (Dolch words) for Kindergarten and Grade One.

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